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Xerox 108R00973 Imaging Drum Unit - 50000 Page - 1 Pack

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Xerox 108R00973 Imaging Drum Unit - 50000 Page - 1 Pack - Manufacturer: Xerox - Mfg Part Number: 108R00973 - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Xerox 108R00973,095205761085,Xerox 108R00973 Imaging Drum Unit - 50000 Page - 1 Pack"

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Big Whistler taking shape.

Much of the Heljan model has now been treated to a weathered finish, along with the body gaining a set of running numbers and a few extra detail enhancements. The cab interiors have also been upgraded and weathered. The roof needs a bit of refinement, to blend in the various shading around the raised panel lines, but I'm waiting until the whole model is reassembled. As mentioned previously, many of the parts have been treated individually, so there's naturally a risk of them lacking coherence when they're brought together. Therefore, some judicious work with the airbrush will blend everything together at the later stages.


shot in one of my favourite cities, Edinburgh.

Images&video: Anthropologie.

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