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TOPS 63950 Docket Gold Legal Pad - 50 Sheets - 20 lb Basis Weight - Letter 8.50"" x 11"" - 12 / Pack - Canary Paper

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TOPS 63950 Docket Gold Legal Pad - 50 Sheets - 20 lb Basis Weight - Letter 8.50"" x 11"" - 12 / Pack - Canary Paper - Manufacturer: TOPS - Mfg Part Number: 63950 - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"TOPS 63950,025932639500,TOPS 63950 Docket Gold Legal Pad - 50 Sheets - 20 lb Basis Weight - Letter 8.50" x 11" - 12 / Pack - Canary Paper"

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