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Steren 300-789Bl 550 Mhz Cat-6 Utp Ul Cmr Cable (Blue)

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Where to buy Steren 300-789Bl 550 Mhz Cat-6 Utp Ul Cmr Cable (Blue) with reviews.
Steren 300-789Bl 550 Mhz Cat-6 Utp Ul Cmr Cable (Blue) - Manufacturer: Steren - Mfg Part Number: 300-789BL - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Steren 300-789BL,884645118678,Steren 300-789Bl 550 Mhz Cat-6 Utp Ul Cmr Cable (Blue)"

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CIRREM rig, for better or worse.

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